Women's Stories, Women's Survival: Poems from The Edge | Nadine Aisha

5 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM | St John's Church | £6

Nadine Aisha will read from her debut poetry pamphlet 'Still' (Appletree Writers Press, 2016), exploring the power of women's voices and women's stories, linking them to women's survival. Here we hear from the voices of women on the edge: the edge of a society which marginalises women of colour, the edge of a history which disregards women's stories and traditions, the edge of women's minds as they fight to survive gender-based violence. In the face of racism, sexism, misogyny and Islamophobia, these poems break silences and share truths, demanding to be heard.

Aisha will be joined by guest speaker Mridul Wadhwa of Shakti Women's Aid; they will explore the connection between storytelling and survival for women on the edge.