MEDIA ROUNDUP: Just Festival, The Soul of our Capital

Board member and Rector of St John's Church, Markus Duenzkofer wrote for Pisky.Scot earlier this month on Just Festival, the Edinburgh Festivals and why our programme offers something essential in a time of turmoil, especially as the Edinburgh festival seasons increasingly favours commercial gains over it's founding principals. 

a high calling, but I really do believe that we are the soul of our capital city in this busy month. We are not a religious festival in the traditional sense, but we try to address and engage questions and problems within contemporary society and allow for religious voices to partake of these discussions
— Markus Duenzkofer

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Media Roundup: Third Force News

We have been lucky to have some really kind words written about the festival this year. The preview from Third Force News that came out at the start of the festival was great! It really got to the core of what we've aimed to do this year - Changing Mindsets!

through respect for each other’s faith and belief, culture, philosophy and ideas, as well as each individual’s right to self-expression and freedom, we can be part of the wider movement to establish a more united world”
— Third Force News

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Media Roundup: Harmony Choir

Harmony Choir's Liesbeth Tip was on the Fresh Fringe earlier this month to speak about their performance at Just Festival and the amazing work they have done with their mental health and singing workshops this Summer. 

Media Roundup: Lal Batti Express

The wonderful women from Kranti have been an absolute highlight of this year's festival, bringing their inspiring and uplifting story to hundreds of people. They have reduced audiences to tears with their uncompromisingly honest life stories and picked up 5 star reviews along the way. With their final show this evening (23rd August) we thought we could share just a few of the videos and interviews they have done during their Edinburgh run!

Check out Kranti's interview on Nihal's BBC Asian Network show!

And they were on Woman's Hour too! 

5 Stars for Lal Batti Express

Brilliant reviews for the girls from Mumbai, as their brutally honest multimedia performance receives the paludits it undoubtedly deserves!

emotional, honest and above all inspiring and uplifting ... I could have watched the show for hours longer
— Lady Parts Reviews

You can read the full review HERE

4 Stars for Mimi's Suitcase

The incredible, multilingual tour de force has picked up its first review of the fringe. 4 Stars from Lady Parts. 

In the spectacular setting of St Johns Church, this play is an illuminating and entertaining fringe experience, and highly recommended.
— Laura Kate Barrow

You can read the review here:

Mimi's Suitcase

Welcome to Just Festival 2017!

Just Festival 2017 kicks off on Friday 4th August. Once again the Just team will be bringing you dance, drama, comedy and debate that gets to the heart of the social justice issues that face our society. This blog will be the place to come to see the latest news, reviews and photos from our wonderful volunteers!

Join us this August, and lets kick against the current together!