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Nelson Mandela: The Myth & Me

Khalo Matabane | South Africa 2014 | 1h25m | Documentary | 15

Filmmaker Khalo Matabane was an idealistic teenager with fantastical ideas about a post-apartheid era of freedom and justice when Nelson Mandela, the great icon of liberation, was released from prison. In a personal odyssey involving an imaginary letter to Mandela and conversations with politicians, world leaders, intellectuals and artists, Matabane interrogates the meaning of freedom, reconciliation and forgiveness in a world of conflict and inequality, alternating his discussions between erudite scholars and survivors of apartheid.

Presented in partnership with Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival

For a society to function effectively it requires leaders who work for the good of the people, those who work to ensure equal rights, liberty and justice for all. In Western media, African leaders are portrayed as despotic, power crazed villains, who allow corruption to thrive through bad systems of governance and patronage. Though this is correct in some cases, there are many examples of inspiring African leaders who have fought for justice and stood up for the rights of the people. The Just African Leaders series will shed light on some of the most renowned African leaders who have lived through history.

  • Dates and times Aug 23 at 19:30
  • Venue Henderson's Cafe at St John's, St John's Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ 
  • Ticket Price £5.00 
  • Age Guidance +15
  • Category Film

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