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Fadel Soliman is an Imam, Film maker, Apologist, author, Engineer, masters degree in Islamic law and an international speaker. Director of Bridges Foundation, He started Bridges Foundation in 2005, with the aim of bridging people from different backgrounds, especially bridging the gap between Muslims and non Muslims after 9/11.

Fadel trained over 19000 Muslim youths in 25 countries on how to present Islam. He also debunked the arguments of Al-Qaeda in two famous videos on the internet which helped in the de-radicalization of many youths, and he is now debating the arguments of ISIS in many of his lectures and presentations.

Shahid Khan was born in Sargodha, Pakistan. He received his first degree, majoring in English Literature and social work from Punjab, University. As a young man Mr Khan witnessed the gnawing gaps in the justice system of Pakistan which targets the minority segments of the society with its widely abused blasphemy laws. Mr Khan writes for International media on the themes of human rights, global development and minority rights.


Mr Khan is the vice-chairperson of a Glasgow based human rights organisation, Global Minorities Alliance ( which fights for the rights of the persecuted communities around the world regardless of one’s background. He tweets @shahidshabaz

The killings behind the drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in Paris gave rise to questions concerning freedom of expression, .which the Pope defended, but argued that there are limits. Are there limits when it comes to religion and free speech?

Chair: Lesley Orr I Speakers: Fadel Soliman, Shahid Khan, Tijara Kabendera, representative from Amnesty International

  • Dates and Times Aug 10 at 18:00 
  • Venue St John's Church, Princes St (Venue 127), Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ (Hall at St John's)
  • Ticket Prices £5.00
  • Age Guidance +16
  • Category Conversations

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