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In partnership with Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre

Brian Larkin is Coordinator of the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre where he organised a campaign for a conscientious objectors’ memorial and an exhibition of artwork of Syrian refugee children among other events. His Divergent Voices of the First World War was performed at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. Editor of Peace and Justice News he is facilitator of the Scrap Trident Coalition, organising demonstrations and blockades against UK nuclear weapons. Brian was jailed for three months and resisted draft registration. He was a Steiner schools class teacher, organiser for the United Farmworkers of America and Manager of the Ann Arbor Shelter for the homeless.

For some time David Gee has campaigned with others on the rights and welfare issues raised by armed forces recruitment, and has written about the place of the military and 'military values' in British social culture.  He co-founded ForcesWatch am also a member of the Ammerdown Group, a project to invite a public conversation about our common peace and security in the future

Mairi Campbell-Jack lives in Edinburgh and works as the Parliamentary Engagement Officer for Scottish Quakers.  Mairi has worked in Scottish politics for over ten years and in her current role focuses on Quaker concerns around their peace witness, such as Trident and militarization in schools.

In recent years there has been growing discomfort in some quarters around (what is seen as) increasing levels of promotion of the military and 'military ethos' among children and young people. Is there ever a justification for recruiting children to the armed services?

Chair: Brian Larkin I Speakers: David Gee, Mairi Campbell-Jack, Second Leiutenant Ryan Mounsey

  • Dates and Times Aug 31 at 18:00 
  • Venue St John's Church, Princes St (Venue 127), Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ (Hall at St John's)
  • Ticket Prices £5.00
  • Age Guidance +16
  • Category Conversations

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