Last Performance of Manchester International Orchestra Today! Audience Member Describes it as "An Exhilarating Experience"

Yesterday after the first performance of Manchester International Orchestra, audience members were left in awe of this unique, rhythmic and colourful show: 

 "Don't miss this! It is a true musical celebration of a mix of different cultures, an inspirational treat!  
We were delighted and impressed by the blend of different cultural sounds, the talents of each individual and the harmony and enjoyment in sharing diverse techniques and sounds. It was impossible not to feel part of the performance and the performers encouraged this. 
The raps were amusing and compelling! They were skilled fast, punchy and rhythmic.  West African songs were placed alongside Turkish, Kurdish, and Eastern music, played with a combination of instruments such as the Kora and piano. 
An exhilarating experience, in the true spirit of the festival - a 'must go to'! It's on again today at 6pm."
Jane L   
"The One Not To Be Missed - last chance 18:00 TODAY
Gifted players on familiar instruments and on several delightful ones I had never seen or heard, and a wealth of singing talent showcasing styles/tempo from the singers' various countries/cultures... 
Above all, a poignant inspiring message for us all conveyed by the beautiful mutual listening and sharing this unique group's members display, and the experimental blending and crossover which has emerged between their music of different origins. Both words and music - including two amazing rappers! - present an unforgettable feast for the ear, and for the heart, expressing and generating reflection on the deeper, vital things of human life.
They offer a unique, invaluable indicator that differences between cultures in any city need not be a burden or an obstacle, but on the contrary can become a treasure trove of new understanding, rewarding relationships and wondrous new music!"
Noel L