PhD in an Hour: 'Parties, Politics and Pro-Independence Parties' - 5 points review

Tonight was the first of a series of 6 talks entitled 'PhD in an Hour', and today's theme was 'Parties, Politics and Pro-Independence Parties'. 

Just Festival's director, Katherine Newbigging, attended to the talk which was hosted by Coree Brown. Here are five things she learnt tonight: 

  1. Around 93% of people vote in Belgium elections as voting is mandatory
  2. The concept of an independent state is constantly changing
  3. Having your language recognised is often the first step on the trajectory to independence 
  4. Public engagement events are more exciting than libraries
  5. The 19th September 2014 will be as exciting as the 18th September 2014

If you went to this event, what did you learn? Feel free to comment!