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Join us for a week of free films - free venues, free entry and free films.  We explore global issues of social justice, inequality and diversity.   

JFFF Films 2014
The Story of a Girl Project

The Story of a Girl Project is a unique series of films, which narrates subtly the storytellings of HIV positive-women from around the globe. Self-filmed with narrative professional filmmaking, the project explores nuance of epidemic by focusing on the people behind the epidemy than the disease where datas cannot found.

The Dream

The Lifeboat Project is a web-documentary that focuses on the experiences of families living in Europe as they come to terms with HIV/AIDS. Here, a story of a married Dutch couple, Piet and Mirjam, affected by HIV, talk about their experiences of wanting, having and loving their children. Illustrating how love and dreams can play such a vital role in human strength and the desire for new beginnings.

Nyumbani 'A Home'

Nyumbani, a Kenyan-based charity, have developed a visionary solution to the legacy of HIV/AIDS in Kenya.Through the love of a Catholic Sister and the charity she set up, this documentary shows us how Nyumbani has helped thousands of orphaned children to refill the gap left by previous generations wiped out by this disease in a tough country where HIV is still a taboo.


The award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-nominated cinematographer, Aaron Kopp describes an amazing group of people living on a small sustainable farm in Swaziland, the country with the world’s highest HIV/AIDS rate. This documentary paints a serene portrait of the women and children who are, in their own small way, turning the epidemiological tide.


This award-winning short film bring us in the story of Elias, a young high school spanish teacher who has just discovered he is HIV positive. This is shortly after starting a relationship with Pedro, one of his co-workers. Afraid of being rejected, how will he tell his new lover?

Positive + Children

The stories of beautiful children from India. Children who are living with HIV or have been orphaned by AIDS. These are the abandoned and malnourished street kids, the sons and daughters of sex workers and the victims of human trafficking. Shot in Pune, India at a place called Santvana (which means comforter), a home run by Dr Lalita Edwards.

JFFF Films 2014
Posing as a Prostitute in a Turkish Brothel

Part of Vice's Correspondent Confidential, a series of illustrated documentary shorts narrated by award-winning journalists. This short animation the photojournalist Mimi Chakarova talking about her journey deep into the underworld of international sex trafficking. A short animation about her film, The Price of Sex, where she posed as a prostitute while working undercover in brothels in Turkey and Dubai.

The Pipeline of Human Trafficking

In Spring 2012 HDL Russia heard an unbelievable story. It was a story of a trafficker, his subsequent transformation and his work rescuing girls trafficked into prostitution in Moscow. Hope Dies Last was privileged to jump in with the team doing frontline work and made this short video to give much-needed attention to a problem that is not just isolated, but epidemic.

The Virginity Trade

The true and harrowing accounts of lives affected by the virginity trade that exists in Cambodia today, told from all sides of this nightmarish story of Cambodian girls. Intimate and revealing interviews are held with the men who buy the virginity of young girls, politicians, the police, senior NGO's and the victims themselves.

Anita's Testimony

Anita's story is a short documentary which raise awareness of human trafficking in India and how the red light district plays a part.

The Girls of Phnom Penh

This Matthew Watson’s second film describes the consequences of Cambodia’s “virginity trade” with an intimate portrait of three girls: Srey Leak, Me Nea and Cheata sold into Cambodia's huge sex industry. Together the girls face their brutal existence with courage and grace.

JFFF Films 2014

Tania has been living illegally in Belgium with her 14 year old son. Refused asylum in Belgium she lives in constrant fear of being caught. Following a police check, she is arrested and placed in a detention centre where she fights for her dignity and for her son.

JFFF Films 2014
A Man Who Delivers

A day in the life of a London cocaine dealer. "Based on an interview with an anonymous drug dealer (known only as ‘Mr’ to us) and a series of text messages from his clients, Jamie Jessett’s stylish and inventive documentary cleverly mixes audio, abstract imagery and an inventive use of onscreen text to provide an insightful and entertaining glimpse into an often unseen lifestyle." - Short of the Week

Everybody's Child

Filmmaker and recovering heroin addict, Garry Fraser, takes us on a journey as he faces some demons from his past. In doing so he takes us to the heart of his community that was ripped apart by an AIDS epidemic during the 1980’s. The story reveals a poor community struggling with addiction and the spread of a virus that killed a large proportion of their youngsters. This is an open and heart rending journey where Fraser needs to face some grim challenges before moving forward with his own life.

Detox or Die

An in-depth portrait of a drug addict seeking redemption. Addicted to opiates for almost 20 years, film-maker David Graham Scott decides to opt for a quick fix. The radical detox agent ibogaine puts the user into a gut-wrenching hallucinatory state for 36 hours, from which he emerges cleansed of his addiction. But several fatalities have been reported in connection with the unlicensed drug, and Scott must weigh up the options before embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

Needle Exchange

Needle Exchange tells the story of Spencer and Glenn, two best friends who helped each other swap their heroin habits with a passion for tattoos. Ink is their link, but their bond is tested when a new romantic relationship threatens the friendship.

Screenings followed by a Q&A session with the filmmaker Garry Fraser from Everybody's Child and a speech by the senior lecturer Ian McPhee.

Gender Issues

JFFF Films 2014
Lest We Forget

A unique black comedy about two Vietnam vets living in a small country town who decide to help a woman with a small child. A surprising results will be offered from them in order to overcome domestic violence.

FRED et Marie

In two parts, the story describes a subtly powerful portrayal of a young woman, Marie, trapped within the spiral of a controlling and abusive relationship . The problem of Marie and Fred's relationship comes into focus during preparation for an evening dinner party. A "real fiction" that would reach people and somehow make them change their attitude about psychological violence.

Oppressed Majority

The talented French director, Eléonore Pourriat tells us a day in the life of a man suffering from everyday sexism in a world ruled by women.


Mandevilla, an award winning film created specifically for the Korean American community deals the domestic violence by epicting inner conflicts of a man. As the Mandevilla, a flower blooming again with the sunlight, with help, this film shows a message of hope for affected families that they can stop the violence and start to heal.

Thin Walls

Selected for the Stocklom Film Festival in 2007, this suspenseful thriller highlights a recluse illustrator who develops an obsession for his fighting neighbours. A film that builds an atmosphere of claustrophobia, curiosity and tension.

Hear Our Voice

“In the countryside everything’s lovely. That’s always how it’s depicted. Behind closed doors it can be a completely different story, even in the nicest villages” A 10-min film made by brave women from the Borders working with media co-op to tell the truth about domestic abuse in rural Scotland

Screening followed by a Q&A session with Mridul Dahwa, Information and Education Officer  at Shakti Women's Aid and Denise Stephani, Director at OABI Organization for Battered and Abused Individuals

JFFF Films 2014
The Growing Pains of Ahmed and Moshe

In the summer of 2012, the directors Sebaastian and Marianne flew from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv to meet young Israelis and Palestinians and film their stories. They made contact with youngsters in Modi'in, Israel and Ni'lin, Palestine. Two villages only a few miles apart, separated by the wall. 

Two-Sided Story

August 2011. While the willingness for dialogue and reconciliation has fallen off the public agenda in Israel and Palestine, the International Emmy award winner, director Tor Ben Mayor follows a group of 27 Israelis and Palestinians for an extraordinary dialogue workshop. (A project called "History through the Human Eye" led by the Parents Circle-Families Forum (PCFF) – bereaved Palestinian and Israelis for Peace and Reconciliation).

JFFF Films 2014

Focusing on a boy in Northern Ireland isolated by his sexuality and alienated from his family due to his parent's marital troubles, the title character, James, reaches out in desperation to his teacher for support and guidance - A sundance 10/10 Film.

Young and Gay in Putin's Russia

When Russian President Vladimir Putin banned gay "propaganda" in June 2013, Russia's LGBT community went from being a stigmatised fringe group to full-blown enemies of the state.The Vice team travelled to Russia ahead of February's Sochi Winter Olympics to investigate the effects of the country's state-sanctioned homophobia by meeting everyone: from young members of Moscow's LGBT community and core gay rights activists, to one of Putin's spin doctors and the lawmaker behind the repressive anti-gay propaganda law. 

Amor Crudo (Raw Love)

A portrait of the last days of high school. Two friends spend all day long together, but this will inevitably come to an end. A beautiful sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that dare not speak loud.


An adolescent boy, who serves the Austrian Military Forces, experiences homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. It's their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons.

JFFF Films 2014
We are Foot Soldiers

In 2005, children of sex workers in Kolkata's Sonagachi red light district came together to form their own organisation, Amra Padatik (Foot Soldiers), drawing inspiration from the work that their mothers have been doing to demand their right to sex work as work. The Film journeys through the lives of six Amra Padatik members whose entangled realities do not paint a picture of helplessness, but of political assertiveness and social consciousness. Stereotypical images of their suffering are something that many of them identify with, yet, far from despair and fear, in the face of adversity, their responses are far more complex, hopeful and strong.

Normal - Real Stories from the Sex Industry

"Normal" examines the complex trajectories traced by migrants in the global sex industry and interrogates represention of victimhood. Unheard stories based on original interviews with people working in the sex industry in UK, Albania, Italy. Actors portray all the characters in order to guarantee the anonymity and safety of the original interviewees.

Farrah GFE

In a cold atmosphere of her hotel room, Farrah, a young girl from suburban virgina who dreams of moving to NY City, shares an authentic narrative about how her dreams turns into the reality of high class escorting.