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Gender Issues

  • Discover 21, Studio G21, St Margaret’s House 151 London Road Edinburgh, EH7 6AE United Kingdom (map)

According to the Scottish Government 'there were 60,080 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland in 2012-13.  Incidents with a female victim and a male perpetrator represented 80% (45,916) of all domestic abuse incidents in 2012-13. The percentage of domestic abuse incidents with a male victim and female perpetrator represented 17% (9,946) of all domestic abuse incidents in 2011-12.'  We explore how gender issues turn into violence on a global scale.

Screening followed by a Q&A session with:
- Mridul Wadhwa, Information and Education Officer at Shakti Women's Aid
- Denise Stephani ,  an abuse survivor, author, activist and director at OABI Organization for Battered and Abused Individuals
- And Lynsay Claxton, police officer.

More informations about speakers

Mridul Wadhwa is the Information and Education Officer at Shakti Women’s Aid. Mridul campaigns and delivers training and consultancy on issues affecting Black Minority Ethnic women experiencing domestic abuse. Mridul migrated to Scotland in 2004 and is a descendant of a family of refugees to India.

She will comment the films after screenings, followed by a Q&A session.

Denise Stephani is an abuse survivor, author and activist from South Africa.  She started with a career in dance and then created a center with a magical theme for youth and survivors in Cape Town called Butterfly Haven Castle and continues this vision with a charity fund.

She moved to the UK in 2007 and works in the community as a Dance Artist and Writer. She is the director of the BYCIA Dance and Mixed Media Company as well as the Organization for Battered and Abused Individuals in the Caribbean. She creates educational projects and well-being workshops to teach others to use dance and the arts to heal and overcome personal trauma, as well as tools for  citizenship and reform.

Her book and possible film project ‘In the Wings’ shares her inspiring story of dancing out of extreme Gender Violence and abuse during the Apartheid Regime and into Ballerina success.  Her book for youth, ‘Letters to Mandela’ is a compilation with letters and art, mostly by girls in SA and Scotland on social issues and violence.

She will be interviewed by Lynsay Claxton also a survivor and expert. 

JFFF Films 2014
Lest We Forget

A unique black comedy about two Vietnam vets living in a small country town who decide to help a woman with a small child. A surprising results will be offered from them in order to overcome domestic violence.

FRED et Marie

In two parts, the story describes a subtly powerful portrayal of a young woman, Marie, trapped within the spiral of a controlling and abusive relationship . The problem of Marie and Fred's relationship comes into focus during preparation for an evening dinner party. A "real fiction" that would reach people and somehow make them change their attitude about psychological violence.

Oppressed Majority

The talented French director, Eléonore Pourriat tells us a day in the life of a man suffering from everyday sexism in a world ruled by women.


Mandevilla, an award winning film created specifically for the Korean American community deals the domestic violence by epicting inner conflicts of a man. As the Mandevilla, a flower blooming again with the sunlight, with help, this film shows a message of hope for affected families that they can stop the violence and start to heal.

Thin Walls

Selected for the Stocklom Film Festival in 2007, this suspenseful thriller highlights a recluse illustrator who develops an obsession for his fighting neighbours. A film that builds an atmosphere of claustrophobia, curiosity and tension.

Hear Our Voice

“In the countryside everything’s lovely. That’s always how it’s depicted. Behind closed doors it can be a completely different story, even in the nicest villages” A 10-min film made by brave women from the Borders working with media co-op to tell the truth about domestic abuse in rural Scotland

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