Israel - Palestine

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We explore non-violent methods for conflict resolution with two films from Israel - Palestine.  The films look at the future of Israel - Palestine and the people there trying to bring peace to a place of conflict and separation.

JFFF Films 2014
The Growing Pains of Ahmed and Moshe

In the summer of 2012, the directors Sebaastian and Marianne flew from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv to meet young Israelis and Palestinians and film their stories. They made contact with youngsters in Modi'in, Israel and Ni'lin, Palestine. Two villages only a few miles apart, separated by the wall. 

Two-Sided Story

August 2011. While the willingness for dialogue and reconciliation has fallen off the public agenda in Israel and Palestine, the International Emmy award winner, director Tor Ben Mayor follows a group of 27 Israelis and Palestinians for an extraordinary dialogue workshop. (A project called "History through the Human Eye" led by the Parents Circle-Families Forum (PCFF) – bereaved Palestinian and Israelis for Peace and Reconciliation).