Just For All

Through this scheme, we offered a range of inspiring and challenging events free of charge to marginalised individuals and groups as part of the 2016 Just Festival. The project was co-funded by the Craignish Trust and the Hugh Fraser Foundation.  It engaged 177 individuals, positively affecting their sense of belonging and well-being through greater access to social events.  We worked with Pilmeny Development Project; Hadel; Positive Prison; Plan2Change; MYDG; Valley Park; Young Scot; The Welcoming and Penumbra to reach out to individuals and groups who could benefit from the scheme’soffer.

Our performance, conversation and talk events offered an intergenerational approach, actively seeking participants of all ages, genders and backgrounds to provide stimulating and thought -provoking ideas and opinions. This innovative scheme provided a platform for people to gather and shed light on important subjects, increasing diversity amongst audience members and encouraging communications between individuals.

Quoting  one of the project beneficiaries : 'Thank you for my free tickets. It’s good to know that here I am welcome because of my disability.

I appreciate the opportunity this festival gives me to learn about peace and social justice through dyslexia-friendly ways, e.g. expressive arts, oral presentation.'