Dreams and Visions in Art – Art Talk by Lydia Bauman

Date: Sunday 15th June
Time: 20:00 - 21:00
Price: £5
Location: St Matthew’s Church

The history of dreams and visions in art, is at first sight a history of men and women asleep in a variety of uncomfortable and improbable positions...but the theme of dreams and visions is also one in which two levels of reality meet – the physical  reality of the dreamer – or the person experiencing a vision – and the reality, whether explicitly shown or implied, of the dream or the vision experienced. 

How these two realities relate to one another, is what differentiates the treatment of this theme at different points of art history. Visions are usually experienced by saints and people of the church in Christian art, to express God’s intercession in the handling of their affairs, and to persuade the faithful of the worthiness of the saints of their godly status. Lydia will guide you through examples of such imagery in the work of painters from 15th century Netherlands, through the Renaissance and Baroque, to the 19th century.