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PhD in an Hour: One Medicine - Humans and Animals Beating Cancer Together

  • Royal Dick Summerhall Place Edinburgh, Scotland, EH9 1QE United Kingdom (map)
Ylenia Capodanno

Ylenia Capodanno

Despite years of research into curing cancer, it seems an obvious link between analysing the syndromes and development patterns of cancer in both humans and animals that share human DNA sequences has been missed. Ylenia Capodanno, in her PhD research into characterisation and targeting of cancer stem cells in canine insulinoma, explores the similarities of that particular cancer type in dogs and humans and tries to find a method to treat cancer in both dogs and humans. 

Cancer is the fourth cause of deaths in humans. High incidence and low survival rates are the ingredients of this lethal recipe. We need new strategies to fight it and here they come to rescue: Dogs! the men’s best-friends. Comparing tumours across species is the way to defeat the “mysterious” enemy of both humans and dogs. 

'Thanks to my experience in both veterinary medicine and cancer biology I have an open-minded idea of a “one medicine research” where animals and humans are not seen as two separate entities that inhabit the world but as companions who share a lifetime together,' says Ylenia, a PhD student and a veterinarian at the University of Edinburgh. Ylenia will share her research findings at the upcoming PhD in an Hour event.